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" I Can not thank JaRay enough for the GPS, the dispatch set up and the reports. All of these things have allowed us to take on so many more jobs with less people and keep everything in order.  Your support is also OUTSTANDING!  Thank You JaRay!"  

K Hessinger - Roto-Rooter New Mexico - using JaRay since 2005

"This solution allows our field technicians to realize tremendous productivity gains without having to go through the learning curve typically associated with new technology.  We've eliminated the problems associated with waiting for paperwork to be turned in."

Rita Campbell - Roto-Rooter Wichita,  KS - Using JaRay since 1985

"Thank you so much for all your help. We are truly spoiled and some do not realize what an excellent support system we have. All of us Roto-Rooter girls and Roto-Rooter techs appreciate you! -THANK YOU!!!!!!!"

Kellie - Roto-Rooter Mobile, AL - using JaRay since 1992

"I  cannot begin to thank you for your total devotion to City Wide. You strive for perfection with your product which is very rare in the industry today. I can honestly say that City Wide would not be where we are today if not for JaRay! We love you!"

Sal and your family at City Wide - New York's largest and most trusted plumbing, sewer & drain company since 1952. Using JaRay since 1998

Photos from the last Training Class