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JLinkit - Just Link it to JaRay!

Now you can take a video, photo, word processing document, spread sheet or even a cad file and attach it. To view the document, you just look it up in JaRay. Linkwriter and FamScan documents will work like they do now, but other files will open in a browser window. So, if you use a special program to create a document, the same program will open it. You can also send a timed link to your customers or employees via email so they can view videos, photos, scanned invoices, etc. You can open a Word Doc that was attached to another customer's bid and edit it and then attach it to another customer. See the JLinkit video at www.YouTube.com/Famhost

There are six ways to attach a file:

1.        Email - You company will have a unique JLinkit email address. When you email a file to that address, just enter the name of the record you want to attach it to in the subject line. For example, when you take a client to lunch, you could just write who you took and the reason for the expense on the receipt and take a picture of it with your phone. When a driver writes an invoice, he can just take a picture of it and it automatically attaches to the invoice in JaRay enabling your office people to see it immediately. If your driver needed to take some photos or videos at a jobsite, they can simply enter the invoice number in the subject line.

2.        Virtual Folder  - You can install a virtual folder on your workstation. To attach to something in JaRay, simply slide or save a file into the JLinkit folder. The file will automatically appear in the JaRay program. If you named the file PON_123, the file will attach to Purchase Order Number 123 and you will see it if you access that purchase order. If you name it INV_123, it will attach to Invoice Number 123. The same with bids, contracts, employee records, or anything else.

3.        FamScan - The FamScan program automatically controls the size of the documents so that they will pull up instantly. FamScan enables you to scan batches of documents with duplexing if your scanner supports it, so you can scan the front and back at the same time. You don't need to use FamScan to scan a document. So if you want to scan something at a higher resolution or want to use a network scanner or other scanning system, just point it to the JLinkit virtual folder. FamScan is a standalone program. There is a one-time cost of $99.95 for each installed instance.

4.        Jlinkit.com - With the website interface, you don't have to install anything at all. Just go to JLinkit.com and browse to the file you want from any computer using a username and password. When you change the username and password for each employee in JaRay, it automatically updates the website interface.

5.        Smart Media devices -Many of the newer digital cameras can automatically send their files to the cloud as soon as they have a wi-fi connection or you can use Eye-Fi SD cards. The JLinkit program utilizes the protocols that are required to automatically transfer the files. So if a driver needs to upload videos or photos of a jobsite, they can simply turn on their camera at a McDonalds or anywhere there is free Wi-Fi and the files will be uploaded automatically while they eat lunch.

6.       Linkwriter - The form automatically attaches when the pen is docked or via Bluetooth. JLinkit will also work with Livescribe pens for note taking. Even if the drivers don't properly name the files at the time they send them, you can rename them and attach them to the invoices or appropriate records whenever you want.