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  • Alpha Paging: Send job info to service technicians with one keystroke over the Internet.
  • Commission Rates: Pay different commission or hourly rates for different types of jobs - every technician can have different rates. Over 50 screens are available. Look at jobs anyway you want.
  • Map (optional) works with Dispatching to shows all jobs with detailed pop-ups.
  • Schedule Future jobs
  • Look up Jobs by man, type, street
  • Sort by job type, service tech, time promised
  • Areas color coded
  • Alert dispatcher to problem areas, areas that can't be serviced at night.
  • Customer communications after job is scheduled. Permanent notes showing Landlord approval for payment.
  • Complaint & compliments attach both to the customer and serviceman and have a tickler file to ensure that every complaint is dealt with and every compliment is given to the serviceman to encourage that behavior.
  • Lost Job Tracking: Tracks all cancelled jobs and closing rates for service men - makes sure no "after-hours" under-the-table work is performed.
  • Productivity Analysis: Instantly see sales and profits generated by your service technicians.
  • Time Clock feature with multiple time stamps.
  • Track Times: start, arrival, and finish times for jobs, service technicians.
  • Automatically stamp login and logout times for office staff.
  • Vehicle Maintenance (Record work done or alert by GPS miles (with GPS service))
  • Job Costing (Instant popup shows direct, overhead, commissions or hourly pay, and each line item either by job or billable hours and percentage of profit and profit before tax from any invoice. Reports also show by individual technician performance)
  • Routing (Instantly see all the jobs on the map and arrange and re-arrange for the best service times. Note: requires the mapping module)
  • Vehicle Maintenance (record all work done to each vehicle. Can also alert by gps miles if you use that feature)
  • Vehicle Tracking (see where the drivers are at in real time.) - Requires one of the GPS options. However, you can also show all the jobs done by a specific service technician on the map for any day . . . past, present, or future.


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