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  • Address Validation   Spell checker for addresses to make sure everyone spells them the same. The entire service area is included.
  • Advertising Tracking  See what revenues each ad produces- great for comparing phone books.
  • Contract Service Function  Track, notify and schedule Customers when their contract service work is due.
  • Customer History  Accounts Receivable, Definable fields like: cleanout locations, sewer lengths, past service calls by job address, contact information, contracts, price quotes, letters, proposals, unresolved issues needing follow-up) Instantly view all job addresses associated with a customer. Show sales, receivables, warranties, maintenance agreements or contracts, credit problems or agreements, job information, attached documents, sales efforts, collection efforts, email addresses, fax numbers, contact information, job histories, and lots of etc.
  • Credit Card Interface enables you to process Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and Discover in realtime within the program. Complete reconciliation processes and reporting.
  • Documentation Online  Help files, procedures, and demos updated and online.
  • Job Costing  Direct costs by the hour so your can put in your billable hour costs, overhead by the job like yellow pages, costs for specific job types either by the job or by the hour and instantly gives you the profit or loss by job. Note: Inventory & commission activity requires additional modules.
  • Letters   Templates already included for price justification, complaints, and proposals. Letters can be attached to the customer record permanently
  • Marketing  Print mailing labels of your customer database by whatever criteria you want, merge with letters, print listings, set up sales programs and mark contacts
  • Multiple Companies  You can have separate accounts receivable and dispatch screens for different companies.
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts  track and notify all service contracts, regularly scheduled cleanings, warranties, etc.
  • Productivity Analysis  Instantly see not only sales, but profits
  • Proposals  Create proposals and instantly see cost based on line items, direct & indirect expenses, materials, and labor. Attach the proposal to the customer record permanently.
  • Sales Analysis each line item on the invoice can have a different category so you can have line locating, plumbing, drain cleaning and product sales on the same invoice and still get breakdowns.
  • Sales Tax  Any scenario. By city, county, state, no labor tax, tax parts only, tax specific billing codes, etc. Commercial vs. Residential, automatic verification and correction. 
  • Security  Assign users to view specific documents or menus. You will have full control over which screens users can have access to. For example, you may not want anyone at the office to view outgoing calls or past alpha-pages.
  • Septic-Grease disposal tracking, gallons pumped, and where disposed  - Field can be used to track anything.


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