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Much more than just a common GPS system!

With the GPS Window system, you can securely track any device on any carrier without installing any software on the device.

Many types of devices available.

Different portals are available depending on the security and types of assets, jobs, people, or devices you are tracking.

800-658-1676 for more information.

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GPS Window will make your service routes more efficient, saving time and money.  

arrowbullet   Dispatch Service Calls

  •  Optimize route scheduling and improve dispatch times.
  •  Immediately identify the closest driver to a job.
  •  Instantly see all jobs in order of how far they are from a driver or from another job.

arrowbullet   Manage Your Fleet

  • See at a glance the status of all your drivers
  • Maintain a permanent record of each driver's activity
  •  Reports when drivers exceed speed limits.
  •  Set Geofences that alert you if a driver goes to a specific address or moves out of an area
  • Validate/refute claims of technician "no-shows"

arrowbullet   Asset Management

  • Set Maintenance alerts for oil changes, ect. based on hours or mileage
  • Know how much each vehicle costs to operate. 

Run a GPS Window on your cell phone, PDA or iPad.



Fleet Management & Tracking - Dispatching - Asset Management

Increase your Customer Service, Productivity and Vehicle Safety.