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BizYak Phone Recording & Tracking

Call Capture

BizYak provides you with unique phone numbers to associate with each advertising media that you use. Calls to your BizYak Number route to any phone number you want. This allows you to get, in real-time, vital information about potential customers responding to your ads and know which specific ads that are generating the most incoming revenue.

With the knowledge of how much actual business comes from your various advertising sources, marketing budgets can be adjusted to ensure you are maximizing the Return on Investment of every dollar you spend towards promoting your business, and not blowing parts of your budget on ineffective advertising.

Call Recording

Record both incoming and out going phone calls. No Equipment to install. Nothing to set up. Just click on the number in JaRay and instantly call and record the call from any phone you want. . . even cell phones!

Coach your customer service reps. Prove terms and conditions. Stop getting taken advantage of!

Have you ever had a misunderstanding where your customer says they were told something that they weren't or you really wish you could listen to to original call? With BizYak, you always know what was said and can simply play it back. You can even send it as an email link to the customer or their attorney!

Ever want to record specific outgoing calls? With BizYak it is easy and you don't have to install any complicated equipment. Nothing needs to be set up and it's available from any phone you want to call from! Even cell phones! So, if you want your employees to record calls made to customers, it is easy. You can even have them call the customer from their cell phone without giving them the customer's phone number!

The calls can be recorded and even attached to your job or customer records.